10 Tips to Attract the Autumn Home Buyer
1. Clean up the yard – encourage your sellers to make the most of the Autumn weather and create an inviting and neat appearance.
2. Create Autumn curb appeal – plant seasonal blooming flowers in pots, and if the space allows a small amount of seasonal décor…but appeal to the masses.
3. Clean the windows – make sure they sparkle and let the Fall light in. This makes a huge difference.
4. Check the HVAC – Check the furnace filters, make sure the home smells fresh. Make sure the baseboard pipes are dusted to avoid “burning dust smell” when the heat is turned on.
5. Clean out the fireplace – use this space to its best advantage…at the very least make sure the space is clean and ready.
6. Prepare Autumn treats – how about warm cider simmering on the stove, pumpkin cupcakes, spice cookies or even oranges studded with cloves…bring in the Autumn cheer!
7. Stage the home with Autumn tunes – this writer suggests Enya’s “The First of Autumn” or George Winston’s new age piano album, “Autumn.”
8. Use Autumn Accent Colors – bring the warmth of fall into your space with red, orange, golden yellow and forest greens. Consider Autumn themed centerpieces with pine cones, candles, assorted nuts in their shells and Fall colored leaves.
9. Turn on the lights in every room – let the ambient light in and brighten each room with accent lights. Create a warm environment.
10. Offer parting “favors” to the prospects – small bags of candy corn, small pumpkins, cinnamon sticks wrapped in ribbon, pine cone fire starters, and don’t forget to attach your card!

In the coming weeks, we’re going to discuss what to do with all the contact information you’ve gathered at open houses. We’ll discuss tips on how to stay in front of these prospects and turn an ‘inkling’ into a deal.