How to create an odorless home

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According to a survey done by the housekeeping channel, the top five worst odors in a home are led by the smell of rotting garbage and include, in order, pet smells, mold, body odor and tobacco.
Smelly garbage can? Taking out the trash and scrubbing the container thoroughly usually removes the problem.
Body odor
Apply a thorough cleaning, more frequent removal of dirty laundry and a set of charcoal odor absorbers for each pair of often-worn shoes.
For odors that permeated carpet and upholstery, using a sprinkle of baking soda, letting it sit and then vacuuming can work wonders.
Scientifically, this works through the process of adsorption, as the odor molecules will adhere to the baking soda, so when you vacuum, you remove both the baking soda and the odors in one step.
Using a HEPA filtered vacuum is another step in battling the odor issues.
Often mold remediation companies, structural engineers and home inspectors can be great resources for determining the cause and the appropriate treatment depending on the scope of the problem and the types of mold and other potentially aggravating allergens.
What all odors have in common is you must remove the source of the stench first, otherwise any other steps are a waste of time, money, and energy.
During the listing period, pet owners need to be more diligent about grooming Fido, brushing Fifi and scooping out Frisky’s litter box. If the odor is more than what these tips can handle, professionals may need to be called in to clean carpets. Especially in the case of pet damage, sometimes carpets may need to be replaced in addition to removing the pad and potentially treating or even removing the subfloor.

Our goal is to provide a neutral canvas, so the buyers can imagine their life in the home. A strong odor in a home that doesn’t fit their lifestyle can ruin the entire scene.