Thank you to all who attended Thursday’s event featuring Jason Abell from Rewire, Inc. We hope you walked away with a new outlook on the way we all think and at least one thing that will positively impact your business. A key takeaway from the event was Rewire, Inc.’s Seven Actionable Items everyone has the ability to incorporate into their business. Below please find Rewire’s list.  We’d love to hear how these work for you!

  1. Ask those around you, “What can I do for you today?”
  2. Personally show up – if you aren’t there, you can’t expect others to be
  3. Eat the frog in the morning – get the to-do list item that you’re dreading the most done first thing in the morning
  4. Make five calls a day and write five hand-written notes a week – you can call and write to whomever about almost anything; just reach out
  5. Know your numbers and know you stuff – true knowledge is still at the crux of industry success
  6. Find a mentor or hire a coach

7.       Go the extra mile