As we approach 2019, business planning is at the forefront of conversation. Below, please find a list of 10 things that can assist in helping you identify and meet your goals for the upcoming year as you work on your personal business plan.


1)            Evaluate what went well and what can be improved upon from this year before planning for next year
2)            Write your business plan down, if it’s not in writing you can’t measure against it
3)            Set goals that can realistically be achieved
4)            Reach outside your comfort zone
5)            Take time to visualize what your business plan actually looks like in execution
6)            Have an accountability partner
7)            Communicate your goals to those you work with
8)            Pick somebody, or a few people that you admire, and emulate them
9)            Identify a few things you can do daily to help you get closer to achieving your goals
10)          Don’t be afraid to take a risk


We look forward to continuing to work together to best serve our clients and make 2019 the best year yet