As the government shutdown continues, we wanted to provide you with an update on the agencies and mortgage programs impacted.


  • The IRS began processing requests for tax return transcripts on Monday 1/7.  Turn times will be longer than normal as they work through the backlog.


  • Fairway has confirmed directly with the USDA National Office that staff have been furloughed and will remain that way
  • New loans will NOT be sent to rural housing field offices until the offices re-open
  • Loans with a conditional commitment already issued by a rural housing office before the shutdown will close as scheduled

Social Security Administration (SSA):

  • Third party vendors used to verify social security numbers may not receive responses from SSA during the shutdown
  • Borrowers may not be able to obtain income benefit documentation information in a timely manner during the shutdown

National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP):

  • NFIP will issue flood policies during the shut down


  • Most functions at FHA will continue even with staff furloughed
  • Systems and functions that will NOT remain available are:
    • Endorsements on reverse mortgages
    • Homeownership Center staff are furloughed and therefore will not complete condo project approvals that have been submitted

Please contact me with any questions about this may impact your clients.