Marketing continues to be an imperative part of building a personal brand and business. Marketing is not one size fits all, but check out the 10 marketing tips below and try the ones that may work for you!


· Email marketing isn’t going away and can’t be replaced by social media. It is imperative to stay in front of your clients and business partners on a consistent basis to stay top-of-mind.

· Focus on the channels that are effective for you. If you are focused on too many different marketing platforms it is difficult to market really well on most of them. Stick to what is effective.

·Don’t be afraid to promote yourself. If you are passing out flyers or speaking at an event, make sure to include your social media handles and website address.

·Capitalize on existing marketing efforts. Have your social media posts tag onto a #ThrowbackThursday or a #MondayMotivation when possible. You are more likely to get increased traffic to and engagement on your social media posts.

·Don’t hide behind a computer. While social media and email marketing are essential parts of any marketing plan, people buy into people. The more you can interact in-person the more likely you are to win and maintain business.

·Video is here to stay. Don’t be afraid to get in front of the camera, it is more personal than a text-driven post and will garner far more traffic and engagement.

·Interact with other people on social media. If you are consistent in liking and commenting on others’ content, they will be more likely to be consistent on interacting with your content.

·Feature guests. Whether you are hosting at an event, hosting a webinar or posting on social media; don’t be afraid to bring along another expert to increase value.

·Be you! No matter where you’re marketing yourself it is imperative that you are authentic. Don’t be afraid to let people see who you really are, they are likely to connect to something other than real estate.

· LinkedIn now supports square photos allowing you to share photos on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn more easily. The optimal pixel size is 1200 x 1200.