Accenture has released its Technology Vision 2019 report, focusing on what they’re calling the post-digital era. The report highlights five new technology trends that it expects

to come to the forefront because businesses have so greatly invested in digital transformations that it’s no longer a competitive advantage. Companies must now create stories

around how they’re using technology to stand out.

The five new technology trends identified in the report are:

  1. DARQ Power: Understanding the DNA of DARQ – The report abbreviated four technologies that they believe will be the catalysts for change; distributed ledger technology,  artificial intelligence, extended reality, and quantum computing.
  2. Get to Know Me: Unlock Unique Consumers and Unique Opportunities – Companies will dig deeper into the digital identities of their customers in order to create highly individualized and personalized relationships, products and services.
  3. Human+ Worker: Change the Workplace or Hinder the Workforce – The report suggests that employees should become human+; meaning professional skillsets need to be coupled with employees technological capabilities. This should come in addition to a corporate push for continuous learning.
  4. Secure us to Secure Me: Enterprises Are Not Victims, They’re Vectors – Research shows that organizations built for longevity must approach cybersecurity by thinking about their entire ecosystem and building security partnerships.
  5. MyMarkets: Meet Consumers’ Needs at the Speed of Now – By combining real-time analytics capabilities with sophisticated back-end systems, businesses now have the ability to offer customers highly customized and on-demand experiences to fulfill their needs as they arise.

To read Forbes extended analysis of Technology Vision 2019 click here. The full Accenture report can be found here.