There are only so many hours in a day, how do you make them truly count? What happens in your daily life and what can you do that will lead to higher levels of personal and professional success?

• How many hours a day are you truly working?
• How many hours a day do you truly need to be working to accomplish everything you need to?
• How much time do you procrastinate each day?

• What tasks bring you the most joy? What tasks bring you the least joy?
• What are you doing that you could be delegating to someone else?

• Do you have patterns in your day that you’d like to continue or change? What are they?

Click here to view an interactive, detailed worksheet that will allow you to track what you do from the moment you wake to the moment you go to bed at night. Take time and really think about what consumes your day. Once you identify how you are filling your time, it’s easier to effectively manage your personal and professional life and accomplish all the things you want to.