Maxwell, a mortgage technology company, interviewed various Loan Officers throughout the country and compiled a list of 14 traits that
high-producing Loan Officers embody. We believe these traits apply far outside just the mortgage industry and we hope you find them

1)    Establish a consistent process – establish and streamline day-to-day processes

2)    Improve and adapt your process – continuously improve and be flexible to change

3)    Let data drive your decision-making – know your numbers!

4)    Be an industry expert – know the business, be an industry resource

5)    Prioritize your partnerships

6)    Show off your communication skills – be proactive with communication and follow-ups

7)    Develop product knowledge and process discipline – be hyper focused in your areas of expertise and be a top-notch delegator

8)    Never stop hustling – never let your engine cool off – keep it running high and ready

9)    Maximize your efficiency – be faster than the competition

10)  Take a client-first approach – continuously refine and improve your client experience

11)  Be proactive – don’t procrastinate, look ahead, steer clear of problems before they arise

12)  Embody Empathy – don’t treat clients like another name on a spreadsheet, make them feel comfortable and confident, humanize the experience

13)  Build your personal brand – communicate value through social media and other marketing

14)  Put technology to work for you – have a digital strategy to continuously make use of technology to grow your business

If we can help you with any of these in your personal business, please let us know!