We are just beginning to grasp what characteristics make up Generation Z and what makes them different than Millennials and the other generations before them. To start we must first define the age group we are talking about. Members of Gen Z are those born from 1995 and on, meaning the oldest members of this generation are 24. Yes, this is extremely close to the age group we have been discussing with Millennials however the characteristics of this new generation as a whole are very different. So what makes them tick? Check out the list below and let us know what you think!

  • Financially Focused: Unlike Millennials, members of Gen Z view work as a means to an end. While they would prefer to love what they do, it’s not a must as it is for many Millennials. Instead, for Gen Z, a steady paycheck and benefits are the driving force behind accepting a job.
  • Ads Don’t Work: Research shows Gen Z is using ad-blocking software to ensure they are not seeing ads. To reach this generation people will have to engage in meaningful organic ways and edgy campaigns, not through standard paid content.
  • Entrepreneurial: Gen Z is very aware that there is money to be made on a good idea and they are not afraid to chase those ideas.
  • Tech-savvy: Members of this generation don’t know a world without current technologies. They do the vast majority of their research online but use their phones mainly as a source of entertainment. They’re also overly aware that anything they may not know they can find the answer to with one click of a button. Despite the fact that they are tech-savvy they prefer to meet face-to-face with people they know, so those trying to work with this generation need to understand how to attract and educate members of Gen Z online but then be prepared to have in-person meetings.
  • Competitive: Gen Z is competitive with others and with themselves. They know what they want, and they want it now.
  • Independent: Given their competitive nature, members of Gen Z tend to be highly independent. They don’t want anyone to beat them to the punch so they often don’t want to let others into their huddle or allow anyone else to control their destiny.
  • Want to be Heard: Gen Z believes their voices are valuable and they want them to be heard. Because change does not scare them and they can process information quickly they know they are valuable members of organizations and therefore believe they should have an equal say.
  • A Lot Like Gen X: Much like Millennials personality characteristics most closely resembled Baby Boomers, Gen Z most closely resembles their Gen X parents.