In today’s world of consistent scrolling, how do we get people to stop the scroll? The question is more than how to do we get people to stop swiping up on their phones as they look through emails, social media and websites; but instead, how do we get people to stop and interact with our content?

Check out the top five ways to get people to pay attention to what you are saying both personally and professionally online:

  1. Incorporate different mediums: Video continues to be the most powerful tool on social media. Mix videos, photos, articles, graphs, etc. into your posts so that people stop and “listen” to what you have to say!
  2. Tailor your content for different platforms: You cannot post the same content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. You must tailor what you are posting for the audience on each platform.
  3. Be entertaining: Research shows that entertaining content is the #1 thing that stops the scroll! Be willing to think outside the box and entertain, not just relay information.
  4. Be unique: Everyone in the housing industry is sharing similar information so it is imperative to come up with a way to stand out and make your content unique. A simple picture of a home will not stop the scroll.
  5. Take risks: Social media alone can be a risk for many and that’s ok! As you get comfortable keep taking risks and pushing yourself to try different things. People will notice what you are doing and they will interact with your content.

Do you think something was left off the list?  We’d love to hear what you find effective!