Happy Mother’s Day!

May 8, 2018By pam-adminStreet Talk

We want to wish a very happy Mother’s Day to all those celebrating tomorrow from our Fairway family to yours. Looking for a last-minute idea for something to do to celebrate the special moms in your life check out these great DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas and brunch spots throughout Delaware.   Reference: Good Housekeeping … Read More

Communicate Effectively With Millennials

May 3, 2018By pam-adminStreet Talk

Millennial buying patterns continue to be a focus in the majority of industries, but why must we focus on them in our industry? The answer is quite simple; millennials makeup the largest percentage of homebuyers for the fourth consecutive year. The struggle however is that the characteristics and communication styles of the millennial generation is … Read More

Are you Listing or “Listening?”

April 26, 2018By pam-adminStreet Talk

The following is an excerpt from a recent article on Inman News “How to turn your listing presentation into a listening consultation.” It’s time to shift from the old model of showing a listing presentation and focus instead on your clients wants and needs with a “listening consultation.” A listening consultation is about asking questions, … Read More

Creating a Five Star Customer Service

April 19, 2018By pam-adminStreet Talk

If you’ve ever been a guest of a Ritz-Carlton property, you may have noticed the staff goes to great lengths to provide a memorable and excellent experience. Part of their philosophy is to provide the BEST and FINEST personal service to their clients. It seems straightforward and achievable, right?…Here are a few excerpts from their … Read More

Spring into Fresh Ways to Build Your Business – Part One

April 6, 2018By pam-adminStreet Talk

The beginning of daylight savings time is an indication that the change of seasons is coming. We look forward to feeling refreshed and excited about longer days of sun, fun and productivity. It’s also a good time to refresh your strategy to build your business. Let’s assume that most entrepreneurs are using social media to … Read More

Three Lead Generators to Build Your Pipeline

March 30, 2018By pam-adminStreet Talk

One of the most stressful ways to build your pipeline is through cold calling; instead, take advantage of one of these networking tools or easy-to-use strategies: Feature a House: pick out an enticing house on the MLS. Then, reach out to your clients via text or email with a note that reads something like this, … Read More

Housing Trends that Could Affect Millennial Home Buyers in 2018

March 23, 2018By pam-adminStreet Talk

Several industry publications and associations have identified housing trends that could affect millennials and the real estate industry in 2018, and as such, how your business might be impacted. Here are just a few ways… Smaller, less expensive properties are becoming scarce, as you may be experiencing in your own communities. The demand is high, … Read More