Why Your Buyer’s FICO Score is So Important

March 2, 2018By pam-adminStreet Talk

  Once a person reaches 18 years old, their credit score starts to build. This is the score that influences decisions on everything from credit card interest rates and terms to whether a borrower will be approved for a mortgage. The most widely used credit score is the “FICO®” score, created by the Fair Isaac … Read More

Becoming a Master at Running Productive Meetings

February 23, 2018By pam-adminStreet Talk

Meetings for most people are part of the necessary evil of work. However, with these tips, you can become a master at running them, and you might find that your colleagues may actually look forward to them without having to bribe them with donuts. As you plan your meeting, think of how you’ll effectively address each … Read More

Protect Your Computer from Ransomware

February 16, 2018By pam-adminStreet Talk

Suggestions on How You Can Protect Yourself from Ransomware: Reference: Wired Magazine You may or may not have heard of Ransomware – this is malicious software that is secretly installed on your computer by hackers with the intention of holding your data and files hostage. If you don’t pay their ransom, they wipe your computer’s … Read More

Tips to get Ready for a Great Season

February 9, 2018By pam-adminStreet Talk

During the month of February, we’re going to focus on several tips and apps that will help prepare you for a great buying and selling season. Need to get a better handle on your life? The following are some great free Apps that will help you stay organized: IFTTT: (“If This, Then That”), www.ifttt.com or … Read More

Super Bowl Sunday Excitement!

February 2, 2018By pam-adminStreet Talk

Even if you’re not a super sports fan – let alone a Football fan, almost everyone gets a little caught up in Super Bowl Sunday. This is one of those days where you’re granted dispensation from watching your weight. The supreme nachos, seven-layer dip, Muffuletta sandwiches, football shaped cookies and more…what could be better? Did … Read More

7 Repair Requests Your Buyers Should Refrain from Making

January 26, 2018By pam-adminStreet Talk

According to a recent article posted to Inman Briefs, there are certain repairs your buyers should avoid requesting after the home inspection to keep the deal moving forward: Easily repaired items under $10 – If repairs are not related to a safety issue or the breakdown of an expensive system, it’s better to refrain from … Read More

Housing Predictions for 2018

January 19, 2018By pam-adminStreet Talk

Housing Predictions for 2018 Here are a few of the predictions being discussed for the US residential housing industry in 2018, according to industry associations and publications: The economy and the housing market will grow like crazy. Job creation is at record levels; unemployment is at a 17-year low; wages are feeling upward pressure and companies … Read More

New Tax Law Impacts Homeowners

January 5, 2018By pam-adminStreet Talk

The new tax law brings many changes for individuals and corporations. Much has been written about the provisions of the law which goes into effect in 2018, and this coverage will focus upon how the changes might affect homeowners or those who are considering purchasing. In general, the tax benefit for owning will be lessened. … Read More

Tips for Holding an Open House During the Holidays

December 15, 2017By pam-adminStreet Talk

(https://www.zillow.com/agent-resources/trends-and-data/tips-and-advice/open-houses-during-the-holidays/) How can your listing and Open House draw a crowd when you’re competing with the holiday rush? – Market early and broadly: use the tools we’ve described in past posts to share your listing – Facebook, Instagram and even Pinterest will help sell the key attributes of the property. – Make sure the house … Read More