Don’t Set Off the Bozo Explosion

June 28, 2019By pam-adminStreet Talk

The industry is busy, the demand for speed is high and there is more talk than maybe ever about creating teams to meet the needs of consumers. The question is, is there enough emphasis on what makes a strong team? Are people truly taking the time to interview and evaluate versus just filling their team … Read More

The Importance of Online Reviews

June 21, 2019By pam-adminStreet Talk

In the digital age, online review platforms are typically the first place consumers go to research credible professionals. Therefore, it is important to incorporate a process for requesting new reviews and to make it a top priority with every client. Tips to Increase Your Online Reviews: Discuss the importance of your reviews – The best … Read More

It’s Halftime

June 13, 2019By pam-adminStreet Talk

We’re six months through the year and it’s time to evaluate if your business game plan has been working, or if you need to make adjustments. Are you getting the results you hoped for? Your business is just that, it is yours. How you choose to keep score is up to you, but it’s critical … Read More

Beware of Wire Fraud

May 30, 2019By pam-adminStreet Talk

Wire fraud continues to be an issue. When a scammer commits wire fraud on your clients, they intercept emails and track frequently visited websites in an attempt to compromise the wire transfer. Here are a few helpful tips that your clients need to know so that they can better prevent wire fraud from happening.   … Read More

Defend Your Time

May 24, 2019By pam-adminStreet Talk

There are only so many hours in a day, how do you make them truly count? What happens in your daily life and what can you do that will lead to higher levels of personal and professional success? Productivity • How many hours a day are you truly working? • How many hours a day … Read More

3,2,1 GO!

May 17, 2019By pam-adminStreet Talk

With inventory low and the Spring market in full swing what can we do to help our buyers’ offers stand out? At Fairway we offer eligible clients a program called 3, 2, 1, GO! Our 3, 2, 1 GO! Program provides the buyer with an Underwriter’s approval before they make an offer, or even find … Read More

We’re Here to Help You

May 3, 2019By pam-adminStreet Talk

As the spring market continues to heat up and the competition to win properties escalates, we wanted to share a few ways we can assist you and your clients so that you are in the best position to win. We’re working when you need us: No matter the time-of-day or day of the week we … Read More

Lock, Shop and GO!

April 5, 2019By pam-adminStreet Talk

Do you ever worry about interest rates rising before your client finds the right property? Let Fairway’s Lock, Shop and Go program bring peace of mind to the home-buying process for you and your client. The program provides assurance that the client’s interest rate remains the same for 90 days* with no additional fee while … Read More

Technology Trends in the Workplace

March 21, 2019By pam-adminStreet Talk

Accenture has released its Technology Vision 2019 report, focusing on what they’re calling the post-digital era. The report highlights five new technology trends that it expects to come to the forefront because businesses have so greatly invested in digital transformations that it’s no longer a competitive advantage. Companies must now create stories around how they’re using technology to … Read More

Marketing Tips – Do What Works Best for You

March 1, 2019By pam-adminStreet Talk

Marketing continues to be an imperative part of building a personal brand and business. Marketing is not one size fits all, but check out the 10 marketing tips below and try the ones that may work for you!   · Email marketing isn’t going away and can’t be replaced by social media. It is imperative to … Read More