Reverse Mortgage Popularity On The Rise

June 19, 2016

Following years of negative reports that focused on the downsides of this industry, it seems that reverse mortgage popularity is finally on the rise. A recent NY Times report concurs this evolving, positive mantra behind these HECM loans, with experts citing that home equity is an increasingly important asset to consider during the retirement process because it can serve as a powerful financial vehicle that retirees can access.

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Could The Tide Be Turning on Reverse Mortgages?

June 15, 2016

After decades of skepticism and reports of scandals, the tide appears to be turning on reverse mortgages. The New York Times Business section recently led with a story on the revival of the reverse mortgage. Even more significant, for the first time a commission examining the state of retirement in the United States emphasized the importance of home equity as a retirement asset and identified the reverse mortgage as one of the major ways to tap that equity in retirement.

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Feature: Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Merton

June 01, 2016

Robert C. Merton has been called a groundbreaking economist, an options guru and one of the finest minds in finance. For those in tune to the finance world, Merton is as high-profile as it gets.
A sought-after speaker on the investor circuit, Merton caught the attention of the crowd at an asset management conference in St. Louis last fall when he commented on the value of reverse mortgages. “Americans have wrongly steered clear of reverse mortgages,” he said. “This is going to become one of the key means of funding retirement in the future.”

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Financial Guru Jane Bryant Quinn Recommends a Fresh Look at Reverse Mortgages

April 08, 2016

“This savvy use of a HECM is catching on . . . . It’s what changed my mind about the potential value of HECMs for people in their early 60s and 70s.” — Jane Bryant Quinn

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Forbes: Benefits of Using Reverse Mortgages for Home Purchases

March 22, 2016

Reverse mortgages have many different uses that can accommodate a variety of personal needs, but one particular usage is often overlooked by the general public, and that is using a reverse mortgage to purchase a new home.

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WSJ: Reverse Mortgages ‘Buffer’ Against Bear Market Risks

March 07, 2016

For retirees with substantial wealth invested in stocks, the current bear market is forcing them to think seriously about sequence of returns risk. If retirees fear outliving their assets, but don’t want to delay retirement by working longer, they can protect their investments in a number of ways, including using a reverse mortgage line of credit, according to a recent article from The Wall Street Journal.

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Kiplinger: Reverse Mortgages Help Close the Retirement Income Gap

February 17, 2016

Social Security is one of the most valuable assets that can produce a vital income stream for retirees later in life. But while deferring Social Security can yield higher funds at a later age, for some retirees looking to fill the gap between their working years and benefits access date, they might want to consider a reverse mortgage, according to a recent Kiplinger article.

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Yes, You Can Use A Reverse Mortgage For Medicare Surcharges

February 14, 2016

A newly introduced Medicare income scale can make it more expensive to pay for Parts B and D when they go into effect in 2018. But newer reports are saying that it may make sense to use a reverse mortgage for Medicare surcharges in the future because they can potentially help homeowners protect their savings while also covering any new surcharges.

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